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Support Can Expand Your Life



First Point of Connection

We connect by phone to learn a bit more about each other and explore the potential compatibility of our relationship.

Free of charge. 


Meet In Person

Come for a walk with me while we work on your recovery!  We can talk and share and reflect and question and make positive change together.

The cost is $50 per hour.  (must be in NY metro area)


Build Your Life

• One hour coaching session by phone per week at a mutually agreed upon time;  the time does not have to be the same each week but is scheduled in advance.  

• Additional communications by texts, emails and/or shorter calls based on availability.  You are free to reach out anytime while we are working together!  I will do my best to respond, keeping in mind that I strive to be thoughtful and considerate, so I will respond when I find time and space to give you what you deserve.  

• The cost is $140 per two weeks.

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